Fieldtrips & Visits


School field trips are facilitated by The Ndakinna Education Center. Trips to the Ndakinna Education Center & Nature Preserve can range from a three hour field trip to multiple day sleep overs. With programs designed for both teachers and students we can draw from a pool of Wilderness staff as well as Native American educators. Field trips making use of the surrounding land and the Ndakinna Education Center. Our programs utilize hands-on learning experiences & creative presentations focusing on Northeast Native American culture and awareness of the natural world. Programs emphasize observation skills, hands-on learning activities, critical thinking and cooperative problem solving.

>> Native American Programming

 Native American Storytelling (K-12)
Storytelling is an essential part of Ndakinna programming. Through the telling of Native legends people of all ages can be taught valuable lessons and be amused at the same time. These legends, combined with traditional drum songs and explanation of various native philosophies and the traditions they contain, can help give people a better understanding of native culture. They also offer refreshing new perspectives of our relationship with each other and the rest of creation. Besides members of the Bruchac family, Ndakinna features guest storytellers throughout the year.

 Native American History & The Use of Natural Resources (2-12)
Focusing on such resources as plants, trees, rocks, animals, water to the soil beneath your feet, with the help of Ndakinna’s many exhibits, instructors provide physical evidence as to how Native Americans shaped these key resources into everything they needed to survive. Along with showing such objects as deerskin clothing, furs, birch bark canoes, snowshoes, wampum, baskets and hunting tools instructors also explain the ways this original reliance on the natural world helped shape the many Native legends, cultural values and social interactions that continue to this day.

 Native American Games (K-12)
Join in Native American games of skill, chance and observation. Drawing from Jim Bruchac’s book Native American Games & Stories by Fulcrum publishing, participants will learn a variety of Native games as well as their cultural significance.

>> Animal Tracking & Animal Studies

 Basic Animal Track Identification (Grades 2-12)
The use of tracking can help students of all ages better understand the everyday life of animals. Through a combination of the thousands of plaster casts of animal tracks found in our tracking room along with posters & pictures of tracks students will get both a visual and hands-on experience with the tracks of various animals. Complete with stories about each animal, tracks can range from Northeastern creatures such as foxes, raccoons, deer, porcupine & black bear to Western species such as mountain lion, wolf, wolverine and Grizzly bear.

 Lets Go Tracking! (Grades 3-12)
Following an introductory class, such as those mentioned above, students will be taken into the surrounding forest to look for animal tracks and other signs.

 Animal Studies (Grades 4-12)
Based on professional level programs created by Nationally known tracker & naturalist Dr. James Halfpenny, students in our animal studies programs will truly learn what it takes to be a modern wilderness detective. After learning basic to advanced animal signs like track, trail and scat identification students will take part in an in-depth survey of various animals in the surrounding forest. Through the use of modern field techniques and technologies from notepads and measuring tapes to infrared cameras and palm pilots students will support their finding through the creation of plaster casts, detailed maps and charts.

>> Wilderness Skills & Teambuidling Workshops

 Wilderness Survival & Awareness Walk (Grades 2-12)
During a walk around Ndakinna’s Nature Preserve students will learn about such human necessities as protection from the elements, making fire, finding food and water. Along the way instructors will demonstrates how people past and present made their way through the wilderness obtaining such necessities in the wild. During hands-on workshop such as those listed below students will not only learn about but try our various wilderness survival skills.

 Hands-on Survival Skills (Grades 2-12)
Participants taking part in this lecture/ hands-on workshop will learn some key wilderness skills, both modern and primitive, that will not only heighten their sense of security in the natural world, but could also save their life. Depending on length of program, skills can include shelter making, navigation, fire making, emergency insulation, rescue signaling, proper reaction to a survival situation, basic wild edibles, drinking water & more. GREAT FOR TEAM BUILDING

 Basic Map & Compass Skills (Grades 4-12)
During this class students will learn the basics of map & compass navigation. Longer classes will cover each area in greater detail allowing students to try out their new orienteering skills.

 Natural Navigation (Grades 4-12)
Through the use of the sun, clouds, trees, plants moon, stars, and even animals, participants will learn the many ancient ways people can navigate without the use of map or compass.

 Primitive Fire Making Demonstration & Classes (Grades 3-12)
During this demonstration instructor will introduce students to several primitive ways of making fire. Following these explanations instructor will demonstrate one of these methods, producing fire by friction with either a bow or hand-drill. During longer classes older participants (Grades 6-12) will make and try out their own fire making kits.


3 hour Field Trip = $300. (up to 30 students), $10.00 each additional student

Full Day Field Trip = $500. (up to 30 students), $10.00 each additional student

Multiple Day Sleep Over = $600 per day/night (up to 20 students). $10.00 each additional student over 40 call for special rates. Last day without overnight will range from 2 hour to full-day rate depending on time of departure (look above for rates).